How long have you been playing?
Started playing when I was about 17.... on bass!!
What was the first concert you ever went to?
1982 Glasgow Apollo  - Japan
What gear do you use?
Tele 52 Reissue
Rivera Clubster 45 Amp
Premium kazoo! 
Who was your biggest musical influence growing up?
My Dad.. he was a jazzo !  Miles Davis, Thelonoius Monk, Ray Charles to name a few
Are you in a band? Have you been in bands?
Before the Vests I started out with my pals in Third Party way back in 1985. Lasted a couple of years. Wonderful Memories.
If you could jam with anyone, who would it be?
Prince.... i'd play triangle 
You're stuck on a desert island and only get to bring one album with you. What do you pick?
Whatever album came with a free dinghy. x