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drummer neil

Neil plays with the band when time permits. 
"As the mists came over the hills of Aberdeen,Mrs McBain cried out..."gonnae shut up wi they blasted drums and come for her tea!!!". Yes, even at the tender age of 10 Neil's dad could really play the drums. Later in life Neil found himself in London-he's still not entirely sure how he got there-and met up with a likely lad by the name of Mark, a rather exuberant young man with quite a good voice but rather strange taste in clothes. That man asked Neil to go on tour around the world with him, ensuring all blue M&Ms were eaten before coming off stage. Yes, Mr Bolan as Neil called him was quite a fussy character. Neil's love of music continues to this day and the fact that he plays drums is testament to the fact he was really crap on every single other musical instrument."

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