The Band

The Band

drummer robin

Robin is the drummer and sex symbol of the band.
"Robins story starts in the Isle of arran... As a boy he dreamt of the world beyond his surroundings.. He has travelled the 4 corners of the globe immersing himself in the cultures of the world. In deepest darkest Africa, he stumbled upon the wakmapeepee tribe who introduced Robin to the rhythmic reverberations that now exude from every pore of his being. Robin will forever be indebted to these tribesmen that have moulded his very soul. There isn't a day goes by when Robin isn't thinking of wakmapeepee...."

Find out more about Robin Fisher here: Fandalism Soundcloud Twitter Interview


Billy Law is the bass player and singer with the band.  

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guitars dave

Dave Cooper is the lead guitarist with the band. Dave has had a long and varied musical career that has culminated in his membership of The Vests.

"Many years ago, An unnatural mist fell down on the crossroads.... Robert Johnson, 10 dollar guitar in hand, strode to the spot what happened next never made the scriptures of folklore... As lucifer rose from below to make this dark blood red deal with Robert, David with return bus ticket to motherwell in hand, drifted between the two, turned to Robert Johnson, was there wise words exchanged?? No... Dave motioned his right leg towards Robert Johnson... He got him square on the 'haw maws' the motherwell axe king was throned that day.. And forever..."

Find out more about Dave Cooper here: Fandalism   Website   Twitter   Instagram  Interview

singer roy

Roy Grant is the frontman, singer and guitarist with the band. The founding member of the band Roy's passion for live performance is obvious to anyone who has attended a Vest show. 
"Roys story started in 1967 where he was discovered in the forests of borneo being raised as their own, by pack of wolves... Explorer Dr Hubert Jarse brought Roy back to Scotland and the Wolf boy acclimatised well... Indeed he became something of a scientific phenomenon himself, moving to Glassford becoming a scientist specialising in Mass teleportation. He created 2 pods in his Glassford home.. He entered pod 1 but unknown to him, James Brown (the godfather of soul) and the village idiot somehow got into pod2 just before Roy pressed the button. The result of that catastrophic experiment is what you now see... Roy has very rare intervals of sanity but has a constant craving for the 'funk'... Maybe the experiment wasn't so catastrophic after all....." Interview

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